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Digital Preservation and Archive Services

Welcome to Max Archive Services, a division of Max Communications Ltd – one of the country’s leading digitisation companies.

In recent years, and in direct response to requests from our customers to do so, we have diversified into offering end-to-end digitisation solutions that ensure archive holders maximise and protect the full value of their digital assets. The services showcased in these pages are central to delivering on this commitment.


Welcome to Max Archive Services, a division of Max Communications Ltd – one of the country’s leading digital preservation, digitisation and archive services companies.

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Preserving the past for the future

SOTERIA offers comprehensive digital preservation software and storage services for archival collections. To find out more please click on the link below.


Archive management for the future

Max’s Archive Management Service, DRYAD, is built on AtoM, a modern day web-based archive management system used around the world by hundreds of archives. AtoM is an open source product, freely available under a General Public Licence.


THEMIS: structuring unstructured data

THEMIS is both a production and a project management software platform. Fully hosted and managed by Max, THEMIS ensures that all stages of a digitisation project are managed from within a single platform.


Your Family's Past for the Future

New Podcast Series and Digital Preservation Blog to Celebrate World Digital Preservation Day

To celebrate World Digital Preservation Day on 5th November, we are pleased to announce two exciting new additions to our online presence. First of all, we have been invited to contribute to a new initiative by the Digital Preservation Coalition who have been sourcing contributions to a new series of blog posts from their members on the theme "Digits: For Good". To read Max's contribution discussing our new "Query Builder" application which allows tagging and complex searches to be run on the Archivematica database and reports generated from the results, please visit the blog

Additionally, we have created a new series of podcasts on the subject of digital preservation to run alongside our popular Max 2020 series. Our first two contributors are Abby Barletta, Assistant Archivist with the Royal Society of Arts and Rachel Howse Binnington, Deputy Archivist with Fortnum & Mason. To listen to the podcasts please visit the Digital Preservation Podcasts page on the main Max site.

Latest DRYAD and SOTERIA Clients Added

Max are delighted to share details of two SOTERIA / DRYAD installations. The first, a bespoke AtoM and Archivematica installation for the Royal Society of Arts, showcases AtoM and Archivematica as a flexible, branded archive management and digital preservation system. The second, an AtoM / Wordpress hybrid site created for London South Bank University, showcases the potential of AtoM to open up designated areas of your archive to the general public and by dovetailing with other tried and tested web technologies. The end result is a multi faceted user experience, specifically tailored for a broader user cohort.

Safeguard and digitally protect your digital assets with Max’s digital preservation software and service, SOTERIA. A fully hosted and managed service, our tiered pricing model is designed to suit any archive, large or small.

Built on AtoM, DRYAD offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative to other more rigid and outdated archive management software. As a service rather than a product, DRYAD offers hosting, training, support, upgrades and a very active and engaged community of users.

THEMIS is a web-based project management platform, ideal for database creation, metadata extraction, OCR, cataloguing, indexing, QA and project progress and accuracy reporting.

Every family has an archive, but very few have access to each family member’s bookcases, shoeboxes or attics. The Max Family Archive service provides secure, online access to digital copies of photographs, letters, diaries, postcards e.t.c. within a structured, searchable database.