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THEMIS Features

Changing the order in which we digitise has two major benefits: first, it allows access to the digital images to be opened up sooner; second, the cataloguing and indexing process is far more efficient – the relevant data fields can be entered against the corresponding image on a screen, directly into a structured database, rather than having to key into a spreadsheet against the physical item.

Managed stages within a typical digitisation project using THEMIS

  • Numbering
  • Capture
  • Conversion
  • Splitting
  • Cataloguing
  • Transcription
  • OCR
  • QA
  • Final output, exported directly from THEMIS, in a range of formats


  • Web-based
  • Remote user access (if appropriate)
  • Audit trail for user activity
  • Ability to revert to an earlier version of an edit
  • Database customisation
  • UI customisation
  • Template creation for automated data extraction
  • OCR accuracy statistics
  • Project progress reporting to item level
  • Project management reporting